11 criteria for making a 5-zero business via mailing

Email marketing explained with simplicity and clarity, particularly suitable for small business owners. This article  explains how to attract traffic to a site or web page, capture an interested audience and send a predefined sequence of emails, guiding subscribers on a path that will turn them into enthusiastic customers.

The importance of email marketing

Some data to understand the value of this tool:

  • the marketing messages conveyed by mail are those with the highest conversion rate (66%);
  • an email gives more sales opportunities. When you create a strong relationship with your subscribers, they could buy at any time: after one hour of registration, like after a year;
  • you own your mailing list: you do not use other people’s platforms, you have direct access to your audience;
  • there is less competition: you are not a status update destined to disappear into thin air. If you’ve done a good job, people will open your emails and read them;
  • emails are an excellent tool to make you understand who you are, what you do and why you can be useful to your subscribers.

Email marketing involves 5 basic steps:

1. Direct traffic to your site or to a specific page, where you offer something for free in exchange for an email address;

2. Capture this traffic with an opt-in form  ( opt-in form ) or a landing page;

3. Propose to your new subscriber an unrepeatable offer or a tripwire  (high value product at low cost to understand which customers are really interested in the purchase): it is the first attempt to convert a contact into a customer;

4. Send a welcome email to the new member;

5. Send a sequence of emails designed specifically to guide the new subscriber towards a goal that you yourself have defined (purchase of products or services).

The funnel (funnel) is the path that the member undertakes towards the goal you have set, consisting of an entry point, a method of capturing the contact and a sequence of emails designed to make the purchase. There are two technologies you need: a platform for managing email ( email service provider ) and tools for creating landing pages and opt-in modules ( lead capture systems ).

Enhance the mailing list by communicating your uniqueness

Your subscribers must feel an emotion when they read your name in the inbox, your brand must communicate ideas, thoughts, uniqueness. Decide how you want to be perceived by your subscribers, what content you want to communicate, what distinctive features your emails must have and what benefits you want to offer to people who subscribe to your list.

Remember that:

  • every email you send must create value;
  • the style you use must be personal and consistent with that of the brand;
  • there will always be members who will take off the list, regardless of how good you are;
  • you must always have a good reason to send an email: even if not all of them will be masterpieces, make sure that each one is important;
  • you have to be brave when you write: express your ideas without fear, so you will attract your ideal customers and drive away people who have nothing to share with your values. Don’t try to satisfy the average reader;
  • you have to decide what is the degree of accessibility of your company, if you want to respond to readers, if you want to create a dialogue, aware of the commitment that this entails. Communicate clearly your availability in the welcome letter;
  • it is good to establish how often to write and what kind of emails to send (not only newsletters exist).

Create a lead magnet (content that you offer for free in exchange for an email address) that is engaging and persuasive

The lead magnet is very important because it allows you to attract people who are really interested in your product / service; to be effective it must:

  • be usable quickly;
  • to give gratification-immediate utility;
  • be very specific: attract only a certain type of people, who are your potential customers;
  • contain only one idea / goal;
  • create an immediate change in your reader, however small;
  • solve a problem that the reader is aware of having;
  • lead directly to a future product / service.

Capture traffic and convert it to subscribers

To guarantee more traffic and more subscribers to the mailing list, here are some of the actions you can do:

  • insert an opt-in form on the website, choosing from various possible positions;
  • use a landing page. It is the page where you present your lead magnet to get email addresses in exchange;
  • add an opt-in form or a  content upgrade  (special content linked to an article always in exchange for user contact) to your 5-10 most read posts on the site;
  • add a link to your lead magnet in the site navigation bar;
  • create a “subscribe” page;
  • make it easy for you to share your posts;
  • keep users on your site as long as possible by adding related articles;
  • add the link to your landing page in your profiles and social pages;
  • share the link of your lead magnet on your social profiles.

Keep in mind that the landing page has a higher conversion rate than that of the opt-in form. For a landing page to be effective it must contain the title and image of the lead magnet, benefits offered and testimonials for social proof.

The landing page must reflect the words used by readers to describe the problems they want to solve: the reader must be able to identify himself.