17 ways to work while having fun through smart strategies

Being entrepreneurs and working for ourselves can make us more productive and more effective, especially if we know how to find the fun side in everything we do.

Life is not the destination but the journey itself, and is characterized by all the people we meet and the experiences we share with them.

Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with new experiences, without too many expectations: it is in this way that you can learn new, unexpected things, from which you can take advantage, especially in terms of relationships.

Activate a change

We have been taught that to be successful you have to work hard. Everything is tied to the performance that we are able to produce and to the image that others have of us: if we work hard, we are successful and if we are successful, then we feel accepted.

There are people who achieve their goals easily, because they are endowed with natural talents, but usually one must struggle to become simply competent in a certain sector.

When we are called to give our best, to work hard, we can only enjoy fatigue if we love what we are doing and have fun doing it.
Life is not a linear process.

We cannot know in advance what life will hold for us and what we will discover about ourselves. We get lost to redirect ourselves and find ourselves.
Change can be tough, even if it allows us to achieve our goals.

To activate change we must find the courage to do what we have not done previously and rethink our lives critically. We cannot afford to regret the fact that we did not allow ourselves greater happiness and that we did not live as we wanted.

Find the courage to have a new approach to life

The fear of change characterizes every phase of our life.
We find the courage to abandon our addictions and our vices only when they cause us or others more pain than we expect to have to suffer in freeing ourselves from them.

Against Murphy’s law there is Joel’s law: “everything that can change changes”.
Changes prevent us from feeling confident in our daily lives, from having false certainties. Control is an illusion.

Risking is better because it gives us more chances of success. We have to see our life as a corridor with doors and windows opening up to new opportunities. There are doors and windows already open, others ajar, others still shut.

We just have to choose which one to open and, if we find obstacles, we have to face them until they dissolve. But there are multiple ways that lead to the same result, so we must always choose the easiest way to achieve our goal.

Life is realized in ways that we cannot foresee. The only thing we can predict is the unexpected.
Knowing that change is inevitable allows us to be grateful for what we have now, to look at life with joy and gratitude, to trust.

In life, everything can enrich or impoverish us, feed our soul or make it sterile. A job done in anger is a job that sucks our soul. Anything done with the heart is already a success.

What does it mean to have fun?

When you begin to feel the effect of burnout, the first reaction is to work harder with the hope of feeling less pressure from exhaustion. Then, we tend to devote ourselves to something else. In fact, one should accept the fact that rest is not a waste of time, but something necessary to be able to work effectively.

Reaching a goal makes us feel good, but this satisfaction is ephemeral, because it does not define what we are. Our intrinsic value is there regardless of the results we get. Getting a result is like reaching the top of a mountain, but then the descent awaits us.

It is not difficult to identify the reasons for seeking pleasure, but it is much more complex to find it. A good starting point can be to draw up a list of things that characterize our life (work, emotional relationships, goals) and ask ourselves if we are satisfied with ourselves, if we are satisfied.

It’s not easy, everyone hates changes. Our brains fight to remain clinging to customs.

Discover yourself

Everyone has their innate passions and talents, as well as their personality. It seems obvious, but it is good to remember that we are unique. So if we don’t use our resources we are shirking our responsibilities.

If someone does not allow us to act or if fear blocks us we must learn to listen only to our will. Experimenting produces crazy results! Fears vanish, ideas grow, opportunities multiply! If we follow our passions, the magic will come true.

We must focus on our talents and seek pleasure. Success is different from pleasure. Success gives satisfaction, but it is a temporary condition. Pleasure, the real one, is a lasting state, not necessarily linked to success.

Work hard or work smart

Working smart means that even a minimum commitment, within the right working context, can produce much more significant effects. Being active is not enough, it is the quality of the actions that count.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where those who live for work are valued and having free hours makes us feel guilty, as well as getting good results with minimal effort.
Work organization also matters.

Managing large organizations and many employees is not easy: let’s do it only if we like and are passionate about it.
Otherwise, let’s try to be entrepreneurs of ourselves: it’s easier.

Learn to be authentic and not to deny reality

What we do does not always correspond to what we are. We must not pretend to be what we are not.
We all made mistakes, we all fell, nobody is exempt from bankruptcy. Being authentic means admitting our wavering and falling.

We are authentic! Authenticity begins with being honest with ourselves, taking inventory and identifying what we don’t like, seeking change to be what we want.

Because we are not only what we do, even if our work inevitably characterizes us.

The difference between luck and illusion

If we are attentive to what is happening around us, new opportunities may open up. We all have lucky moments that help us change direction if we are willing to follow our instincts and act.

What appears to us as a stroke of luck is not always a good opportunity to be seized. With experience we can distinguish between true luck and potential illusion. If instinct tells us that something is wrong, it would be worth listening to it, to trust ourselves.

Luck usually manifests itself unexpectedly, but still needs a foundation. There is always a reason why things happen in our life.

Work and play are made to go hand in hand

Some of us cultivate an innate passion for play and fun. Our society tends to associate these aspects with the childhood phase. Becoming an adult, however, does not mean losing your lightheartedness and forgetting the fun.
Having new experiences allows us to see things from another perspective.

Passions can become professions – and often happens …

Each of us struggles to get to know each other well enough to know what things are best for us. Qualifications don’t say much about us, it’s the experience that shapes us.

However, everything takes time: it is easy to be unconsciously enthusiastic about a project that corresponds to our interests, but, just as easily, to abandon it if it cannot take off.

This means being impatient and not trusting the path we are taking. Each choice must be considered.
We will know we are on the right track when we feel uncomfortable because of the successes achieved.

Choose your friends wisely

When we try to work while having fun, work is a healthy appendage to our life, but we must define ideal boundaries between life and work.

When success comes, requests for friendship multiply, but we must evaluate whether we can say no. We must prevent people from demanding from us: we must want to give. We have to decide when, how and who to help.

Any person and anything can be a resource that improves our life or can become a plague that impoverishes it. Because, even the wrong friendships take time and time is the most precious resource we have in our life.

Failure becomes an experience

Success is made up of attempts and failures. If things go wrong, and it can always happen, we have to understand if there is a solution before we let it all go.

Faced with a failure, it is hoped that it will be a quick process. But sometimes we need to fail slowly to understand the situation and find answers: when we experience failure, then we recognize it and we are more careful.

Bankruptcy is the price you pay to learn something. Its part of the game.

Change brings opportunity

Changing is fun! Spontaneous change is even more so, because it is tied to opportunities that come when we least expect it.

At other times, however, we voluntarily seek change and we are not always successful, but negative responses should not be read as a failure, it is only an inadequate context.

If we have ideas we should evaluate which ones can be realized and, perhaps, get advice from a trusted friend, capable of judging in a more detached way.

Create new bonds

If a person wants to start a new business, the best thing to do is to make themselves known in the sector, participate in events where those who already work in that field gather, shake hands and meet people face to face.

Better if the event is intended for a limited audience, because it is easier to build meaningful relationships.
The more people you contact, the greater the opportunities to create new bonds, but also to get to know ourselves within relationships.

Living to work does not guarantee success

There is nothing more instructive than life. Work and the search for success must not represent the only dimension of life. We humans are composed of three dimensions: a physical dimension, an emotional dimension and a spiritual dimension.

The best way to take care of all three dimensions is to lead a meaningful life and there is no right age to realize it. When one is aware of it, the desire for change is triggered. Change passes through action and to act one must take risks, obviously only if the desired result justifies the risk.

Use leveraging to progress over time

Let’s not convince ourselves that we can do everything alone. Especially if we know people who share our same goals and have skills and competences that could complement our own.

The key word to achieve success is to practice leverage, that is to use various resources to our advantage, to search for people who have skills that we are lacking and to associate with them so that we can do more things with less effort. This does not mean exploiting people.

Leveraging is similar to organizing an airport hub: there is a manager who acts as a reference point for everyone, the difficulties are faced together and the objectives are common, but everyone travels alone. In leverage we create success together and share it – and we do it with less effort, freeing up time to devote ourselves to other things.

Be guided by timing

Waiting for the right time for things to come true is essential and difficult. Finding a balance between waiting for something to happen and making it happen is not easy.

There is a time to experiment. You try and make a mistake and the best solution is to admit your mistake. We are all more likely to accept the admissions of error, because we all found ourselves in the same condition, sooner or later.

There is a time to resist. Resilience is vital. We are all born with this ability, because nobody learns to walk without falling. We fall, slam our faces, but then we get up and continue. The shame and embarrassment for failure comes only later and we must learn to ignore them, to ignore the fingers that we think are pointed at us, the laughter, the dissensions.

Time helps to become immune to destructive criticism.
There is a time for striking. We don’t have to think it’s all about “luck” and “chance”, but we have to understand when it’s the right time to break through, because fashions change and there may be no more room for us.

Our goal is not achieved through a straight path

I believe there is a design and purpose already established in every life. However, the goal is almost never achieved by following a straight road. When we reach our goal we experience the greatest satisfaction of our life.

When we follow a path in which we believe, we encounter resistance. We must overcome the obstacles that lead us to doubt the correctness of our work. The obstacles allow us to verify our trust. We will have moments of humility in which we can ask for help.

And sometimes that help will come in the most unusual and unexpected way. Help can build trust. Trust grows if it is nurtured. It is our duty to humbly accept help and express sincere gratitude to those who have not left us alone. Trusting deeply believes that something will happen.

Let’s expect the unexpected, always, and we will hardly be surprised.
Worrying is part of human nature, but let’s not waste too much time and energy.
Too late, people often realize that there is much more to this life. The later we notice, the greater the regrets, and the regrets are a horrible thing.

To minimize them we must act, because the worst regret is that of not having attempted to achieve what we craved.

There is a time to feel sorry, to recover and to rebuild. We adopt the philosophy of kaizen, that is of continuous improvement. Let’s move in small steps, like a child learning to walk. Nothing happens immediately.

Everything happens in due course. Things grow day by day, but they need to be nurtured, cared for and placed in the right context. We also grow in the same way: in the right situation, with the right people, in the right place, we can take risks and act at the right time, without forcing things.


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