4 practical guides on lifestyle choices

Affirmation, economic security and professional success are important in life, but over the years and with the accumulated life experiences, there is a need to invest more and more in relationships, because in the end they will be all we will have and all that that will really matter.

Basic equations: the formula of happiness is based on key points of life experiences

  • Happiness is at its peak during the years of childhood and adolescence. From twenty to forty years the problems of the adult phase, work stress or bereavement affect our bubble of happiness. This returns to high levels around the age of fifty, with the new awareness that life is turning towards its end, they begin to appreciate the blessings that surround us. Unhappiness and stress during adulthood are only a phase, we must accept it and move on, happiness is there waiting for us.
  • The balance between personal life and work in the early years of a professional career is only a myth. If you want to reach a high economic level, you must agree to sacrifice your personal life initially, for a better balance in the future.
  • Time spent on physical activity instead of time spent looking at it is an indicator of your future success.
  • One of the most important choices in life is not the career, but the partner with whom you will share your whole life. The characteristics to look for in order to have a lasting relationship are: passion, values ​​and economic aspect; synchronization with your partner or partner in these matters is important for a lasting relationship.
  • Economic growth is and will be concentrated in super cities for the next fifty years. It is important to move to super cities in youth to capitalize on economic opportunities.
  • There is a correlation between money and happiness, but the more the capital increases the more the correlation decreases. So some economic security is synonymous with happiness, but finding out what makes us truly happy is important to being able to invest as soon as possible.
  • Compound interest is a key element for young people and can be applied in both the economic and relations fields. It is good to spend a couple of minutes a day taking care of relationships, the gain may be minimal at first but it grows over time.
  • Investing in experiences rather than things has a greater effect on happiness.
  • Everyone in their life experiences failures, but they will not last long and are an integral part of the road to success. Furthermore, our successes and failures do not depend entirely on us, it is therefore necessary to take on our responsibilities, but we must also be able to forgive ourselves in order to go on with our life.

 How to develop a kit for success and economic security

  • Discovering what we excel at as soon as possible, the recognition and honors obtained from something in which we excel make us passionate about it and this craving is the engine of success.
  • Do not follow your passions (who does it is already rich), instead it is good to devote yourself to something in which it excels.
  • Do the best easy things: show up on time, have polite ways and provide feedback.
  • Believe to deserve it. Insecurity and imposter syndrome (which 70% of Americans suffer from research) are always around the corner. It is good to surround yourself with loved ones who believe in us.
  • Be aware of your worth. Over time, people will get tired of the arguments the author teaches, at which time their value will decrease. Being aware of your own value allows you to take full advantage of it.
  • The traits of a successful entrepreneur are: working without getting paid until the start-up has raised enough funds; endure public bankruptcy, be a good seller (contact those who do not want or want to hear, be treated badly and contact them again) and have a high risk tolerance.
  • Raising funds when you don’t need them, will serve for lean times.
  • Steps to take if you suspect that the crisis is coming: diversify, even if people like Bezos, Gates or Zuckerberg have earned millions by concentrating their wealth, it is always good to assume you are not like them, sell the asset and transform it as much possible in liquidity; always have liquidity reserves for times of crisis; stay humble and don’t live beyond your means. Having enough humility to understand that success is not necessarily one’s own work is a key element.
  • Professional success is the means, economic security and relationships with family and friends are the end.
  • Don’t be afraid to take risks and suffer waste. Knowing exactly what you want is a blessing and the fear of rejection is a greater obstacle than a lack of talent. For example, facing the fear of refusal and introducing yourself to a stranger or stranger at a party could make us meet the partner with whom we will share our life.
  • Be a model to follow. Over the years we tend to take stock of our fortunes and try to correct our shortcomings.

Long-term relationship advice and family relationship lighting

  • It is necessary to understand that love and relationships are the end, everything else is only the means.
  • The most important decision of your life is to choose the partner to have children with. Building a life with someone who loves and loves us guarantees a rich life full of moments of pure joy, since together everyone is the best version of himself.
  • Find someone who considers us exceptional and who chooses us above anything. Studies show that marriage is economically advantageous. Sharing expenses and responsibilities and being able to brainstorm with your partner generally leads to better decisions.
  • Tips for a lasting marriage (seen from a male perspective): do not keep track of your contribution in the relationship, always see the positive side and be generous by giving a second chance; never let your wife feel cold or hungry; express affection or desire as often as possible.
  • The most rewarding aspects of life are family and professional goals, which, however, without someone to share them with, they cannot feel real.
  • How to be a good parent: there is no algorithm to be a good parent, you have to follow your instincts and always choose your children above all things.
  • At the end of our lives the most important and valuable thing is the relationships we have built with our family. Don’t be afraid to show affection for your children: kisses, hugs and holding them by the hand are the little things that give meaning to life.
  • Feeling loved convinces us that we have value and strengthens our chance of success.
  • To love unconditionally, without expecting anything in return.

Realizations and wisdom achieved over the years on how to live a healthier life

  • Crying is a great way to relieve stress. There is no shame in a man who cries.
  • It is preferable to have a harmonious family than close but stressful relationships.
  • Living the day is the best strategy. The older you get the more there is no reason to be stressed “today” to build a better “future”.
  • Feel more gratitude. Gratitude helps people experience positive emotions, enjoy life experiences, improve health and build stronger ties.


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