4 things to do to live a light and stress-free life

Are objects, commitments, worries too heavy a burden for you? Would you like to live more lightly?

Good news: you can do it by getting rid of the unnecessary burdens you carry with you.

A word is enough, lightness, to be used as if it were a mantra, to be repeated to remind you that if you lighten your life, your spirit rises. Stress and fatigue disappear and you can start moving in existence with grace, agility and effectiveness.

Lightness in what you have

If you let go of the things you have, you will feel lighter immediately.
Here are the three phases that you will have to go through in order to lighten up in the material world: let go, set aside and keep lightness.

  1. Let go . Start from a new beginning : completely empty drawers, wardrobes, boxes, sideboards etc. and you will find yourself with a wonderful empty space, a pile of objects and a new sense of possibility. Enjoy this moment for a moment and then choose what you want to keep, not what you want to eliminate. Imagine how beautiful that space will be occupied only by objects you desire and that give value to your life.
    Put similar items together:  you will see how many duplicates you have of the same thing, you may be shocked by the quantity. In the face of your excesses, be grateful for the abundance and relax: even if you eliminate some objects, you will still have enough.
    Select things to keep: keep only what simplifies and makes your life more joyful. Enjoy this stage and remember the magical Pareto principle: we use 20% of our items 80% of the time. Choose that 20% carefully and remember that most of the things you have are not so special and important. You will realize how much easier your daily life will be to manage. Start with simple things to get rid of that you don’t use and don’t like. Eliminate duplication and keep only one item per genre that you love without guilt. Remember: free space is just as important as things. A little emptiness around the objects is fundamental; your home is not a warehouse, but a place to live, it must reflect what you do and not what you own. Your objects reveal your life, your dreams, your passions; selecting what you want to keep is an excellent opportunity to reflect, make peace with the past, embrace the present and shape your future. Make your items tell the story of the life you want to live.
  2. Set aside . Prepare a sort of  out  box , a box in which to put the objects that you do not use and that you would like to eliminate. This ploy helps you to lighten yourself gradually, day after day and leaving a margin of error. The more time the object will spend in the unused box, the more it will be clear to you that you don’t need it, and for this you will be happy to give it to someone who can serve it.
    With the more difficult objects, which cost you more effort to eliminate, you can arrange a different box, some  outstanding things, which you will hide away from view for at least six months. If in this period you have not needed to recover its contents, it means that you don’t need it and therefore feel free to donate it.
    Finally, you will have to  arrange  what you have decided to keep, in a well organized way, giving each object its own space. Containers are excellent for this purpose: they help to keep things of the same kind together and limit the possibility of accumulating; the goal is to have smaller and smaller containers, to gradually eliminate what is not needed. This approach gives you the measure of how much your life weighs: less objects to fix, more lightness in everyday life.
  3. Maintaining lightness
    Lightness is a process that needs to be refined and continuously improved. Look for versatility in things: furniture for multiple uses, clothes for every season, shoes and bags that match each other. Offer to make smart choices based on your real needs and not on what advertising wants you to believe.

You can rent or borrow what you rarely need and take advantage of technology to streamline your possessions. The house must be your kingdom: it is you  who reigns and not your objects. As king or queen of the castle, you must keep order, monitor everything that enters, because the house is very vulnerable to invasions of external objects, difficult to eliminate once they enter.

Forget consumerism and give space to values ​​such as conviviality, sharing, generosity, creativity, sustainability. Live in moderation, with elegant simplicity, aiming to possess only the essentials.