5 secret keys to success

Every human being is the product of his environment.

This article explains how the identity of each of us is the result of the environment and situations and how, being the result of our behavior, it can be modified through the creation of an environment that activates specific desired behaviors.

If you want to change yourself permanently and at the same time evolutionary, you must not rely on willpower, but you must change the environment around us!

Change the environment around us

It is universally proven that willpower does not work in the long run. The modern environment in which we live is full of addictions to which the human being cannot resist with the simple willpower, therefore to control our life we ​​must first of all modify and control the environment.

Once you have chosen your goals and are sure of them, then the next step is to plan the environment in which you live, in order to create conditions outside of ourselves to make success inevitable.

By changing the environment around us, we create the right conditions to shape ourselves and become who we want to be, thanks to the high level of adaptability of the human being.

We are the product of our environment

Each of us is the product of our environment, our own potential is shaped by what surrounds us and what we have been exposed to, but unlike animals, which are the direct product of the environment in which they live, human beings they can choose their own environment.

However, most people have automated their behavior by entrusting it to an environment that does not reflect their objectives, but rather contradicts them, at this point all that remains is willpower, a liferaft of salvation in a negative environment, which requires a waste of mental and emotional resources.

To avoid exercising willpower and wasting energy, simply change the environment, to do this one must understand that:

  • what you are able to do depends on the environment in which you live and in which you grew up and not on the willpower;
  • each environment is regulated by social laws and norms that control behavior more than one’s own ideologies and desires;
  • environmental expectations shape personal rules and expectations;
  • the value of an individual is relative to the context in which he finds himself;
  • we always play a role based on the rules of the situation, it is the environment that qualifies us, the identity is not immutable and limited.

The best way to evolve and change oneself through changing the environment is to create two types of “enriched” environment:

  1. an enriched environment completely optimized for recovery and rest;
  2. an enriched environment fully optimized for positive stress and growth.

Create an environment of recovery and rest

Reset your mind.

To make clear and definitive decisions, to be certain of your goals and more present and active in the job, you must regularly reset your mind, disconnect and relax. An excellent activity in these cases is to commit to writing a diary. Writing down the key changes that you want to implement provides a clearer context for your plans and objectives, moreover this activity is best performed if you are in an ecstatic state, which you cannot achieve in a routine situation, but only through disconnection from your daily environment.

Designate a sacred space.

It is important to have a daily environment that recreates the ecstatic state in which you were when you set your goals. It is therefore necessary to perform, in this space, a morning routine that recreates the experience that led us to the final decision to change our life.

Starting to write in your diary in the morning is a great way to visualize everything you have to do during the week or during the day to achieve your goals.

Remove what conflicts with your decision.

Eliminating what clutters our environment, and consequently our mind, is the fastest way to personal growth. To delete:

  1. physical objects, a disorganized environment is an indication of a disorganized mind;
  2. all distractions, temporary satisfaction is achieved at the expense of a better future;
  3. options, having too many options can lead to indecision;
  4. people and relationships that contradict our goals;
  5. short-term memory, it is always good not to procrastinate and communicate all the information possessed to free up short-term memory and save energy.

Change the default behaviors.

Pre-defined negative behaviors are caused by the environment, so to combat any addiction you must first destroy the environment. There are four basic principles to follow to destroy your environmental dependencies:

  1. do not be a slave to your environment, you must completely disconnect from your addictions for a day;
  2. being present in the moment and in the place, avoiding one’s mind wandering towards work or other addictions;
  3. act instinctively and not on impulse, driven by one’s addiction;
  4. create deep relationships, you cannot overcome an addiction alone.

Create automatic behavioral triggers to avoid self-sabotage.

In an environment optimized for rest and recovery there is no need to use willpower to resist negative behaviors, however you cannot control every environment or situation, in this case it is necessary to create an automated response to the challenges that arise they may face, it is called “intention of implementation”.

The tactic of distracting oneself from the situation that creates an addiction, even for just a few minutes, through an automated reaction, allows the temptation to weaken and consequently to increase self-esteem and self-confidence, because it has been possible to respect the own goals.

Create an environment of positive stress and growth

Error-proof environment.

An efficient method to optimize the environment for success is to impose situations that force you to act towards achieving your goals. This type of method can be defined as “error-proof”, in practice the desired behavior is made mandatory through the environment.

The main methods of creating such an environment are:

  1. invest in something upfront to make sure you stay on the right track, such as paying for a yoga session upfront;
  2. making a commitment and declaring it publicly imposes a certain degree of social pressure that pushes us to be consistent with our objectives;
  3. create consequences for performances that do not coincide with the high levels that are required of themselves;
  4.  create challenges that push us to move forward;
  5. the news pushes us to stay involved.

Learn to adapt.

If the human being is totally committed and focused on his goals he can adapt to any situation, for this reason the environment must bring the subject to the point of no return, the moment when there is no longer the possibility of going back but it can only go on. At this point you can be exposed to an environment that contains our greatest fears, over time we will learn to adapt and face them. It can only evolve through demanding and difficult experiences.

The importance of an encouraging environment.

When in a positive stress environment, motivation peaks without conscious effort. There are several strategies for creating an encouraging environment, some of which will be listed below.

  1. Surround yourself with individuals at a higher level than your own or with individuals in a position where you would like to be.
  2. Compete with individuals with a higher skill level than their own;
  3. Hire a mentor.
  4. Automate your skills through repetition until you reach maximum competence for the current level, at which point you can try to further improve your skill.
  5. Join a group of behavior models and individuals who will help in personal improvement.

Alternate your environment.

Performing the same action for many hours in the same environment can become mentally stale, a change of context keeps the mind active and focused longer.

Find fantastic collaborators.

The human being is not created to live in isolation, combining one’s own project with that of others can create incredible results because it teaches us to confront and deepen one’s vision of the world.

Never forget the environment from which you started.

You are not the only creators of your success, it is the environment and the lived situations that have produced such a result, you must therefore always remain humble and grateful and never believe that your value is absolute in any context.

Be changeable and malleable

Most human beings try to face life through the use of willpower, contenting themselves with living in an environment in conflict with their goals and plans.

With this book we try to teach that each of us does not have a fixed but changeable and malleable identity, shaped by the environment and the situations we face. The quickest way to change yourself is to change your environment, the latter will have to change every time you are ready for a new evolution.

It is important to understand that you are the product of your environment and that this environment must be the result of a personal and proactive choice.



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