5 things to do at home for COVID-19 if you are an entrepreneur

In this period in which the COVID-19 emergency forces us home, many businesses see commitments and deadlines slow down or, unfortunately, even stop.

So even small independent entrepreneurs find themselves in spite of having more free time, but in order not to stay with their hands it is possible to take advantage of digital tools to do some small action for themselves and their business, so as to start again with a new charge at the end of the emergency COVID-19.

Below we offer  5 things to do at home thanks to digital if you are an entrepreneur .

1. Follow online courses useful for your business

#IoRestoaCasa  is the hashtag (and philosophy) that reigns right now, but thanks to the internet, you can comfortably follow training courses on marketing, business management, analytics and much more from your sofa. If it is true that you never stop learning, this is a good time to  fill your gaps  and return to work with a wider knowledge, which will surely be useful for your business.

Some examples?

  • Google Digital Academy  offers free training content for entrepreneurs. The topics range from online presence, to digital marketing and to the expansion of a business abroad.
  • On the Digital Solidarity portal  , born on the initiative of the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitization, you can find language, project management and digital marketing courses offered by Italian institutions and schools.
  • If you have a good knowledge of English, the edX platform   (founded by Harvard and MIT) offers many online courses, some of which are free, offered by universities such as Princeton, Columbia, Caltech, Sorbonne, Oxford, and whoever has more. more put it.
  • GoDaddy offers free online webinars. The first, ” How to increase the reputation of a brand with a corporate blog “, is already available.

2. Create your business website

Doesn’t your small business have a website yet? You now have time to run for cover. Nowadays many users search online before making a purchase, whether it is buying a piece of clothing, choosing which restaurant to go to (perhaps not during this period, but soon they will return to do so) and so on . Having a website is essential to intercept their searches and attract their attention to your business.

Take advantage of this period to work on the  online presence  of your small business starting from the  creation of a website . Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about computer codes, you can find intuitive and easy-to-use website creation platforms online.

3. Create (or update) the social profiles of your business

Does your clothing store / restaurant / club / pizzeria / perfumery not have a profile on the main social platforms? It’s time to recover. Having profiles on social media allows you to be constantly in contact with your customers and to retain them , even in this moment when you cannot be physically close. Moreover, thanks to platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter,  you can keep customers updated on your business  in this delicate period; for example, do you deliver at home? And how is it possible to contact you?

If you don’t know which way to start, here are some guides that will help you understand how to make the most of social networks for your business:

If, on the other hand, you already have active profiles, update them by giving information on the channels to contact you and interact with your followers to stay in touch with them.

4. Enter your business on Google Maps

You have probably used Google Maps and seen the names of some businesses appear on the map. Well, this is a good way to improve the visibility of your business locally and attract the attention of potential customers looking for a business like yours in the area. But  how do you go about appearing on Google Maps? 

Again, it is much simpler than expected. We explain how to do it in our guide  How to insert a business on Google Maps .

5. Take advantage of time to recharge your batteries

As you have seen, the web and digital allow you to do something for your business even from home. We all hope that this emergency will end soon and that people can come back to hug each other and go out. In the meantime, take some time to recharge your batteries and  give yourself a few moments . In addition to thinking about your business, also  nourishing the mind and spirit  is fundamental, for this we suggest some interesting initiatives.

Virtual visits to museums

Some famous Italian and foreign museums allow virtual visits to their exhibitions and collections, an incredible opportunity to make a full of beauty. Here are a few.

Free books and comics (or almost)

Some publishers are making ebooks and comics available for free or with significant discounts. Here are a few:

  • Mondadori  offers a catalog of ebooks to download for free.
  • The Assayer  offers a free ebook on a regular basis.
  • Ibs  offers a large catalog of free ebooks.
  • Renoir Comics  provides two free comics per week.
  • Panini Comics  offers (until April 3) the opportunity to download some of its comics.

Staying indoors is not easy and we all hope that this period of crisis will end soon, for the health of people and to resume our normal lives.

GoDaddy, always close to those who want to find a turning point in their business, is working to support independent activities in Italy and worldwide.

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