6 steps to create successful entrepreneurial ideas

Based on studies related to the way our brain uses to create ideas, this article proposes techniques to increase the quantity and quality of the latter. A series of practical strategies will be listed, so as to train your brain in creating successful ideas.

The creation of ideas and how our brain is divided into analytical and creative

Strategies for activating the subconscious.

The left part of the brain is responsible for judgment, self-control and internal dialogue, it is our analytical part while the right side, the subconscious, is responsible for creating ideas and can process a large amount of information in a few seconds. It is therefore clear that the analytical brain is useless in the creation of ideas and on the contrary can block the work of the subconscious. So when it comes to creating ideas, it is good to turn off the analytical part of your brain and follow three basic rules: no judgment, no criticism and no internal dialogue.

Examples of strategies:

  • for the creation of ideas Walt Disney used a strategy that was divided into three phases: dreamer, realist and critic.
    • The dreamer does not impose limits on his creativity, his goal is to create as many ideas as possible without resorting to the judgment of his analytical side.
    • In the realist phase, on the other hand, we try to find the suitable method to make the idea a reality.
    • The last phase, that of the critic, is the moment in which to activate one’s analytical brain and judge the idea, identify its possible defects and difficulties in implementation.

The basic rule of this strategy is to activate the analytical part of the brain only after the first two creative phases.

  • Exercise:  try for an hour to create as many ideas as possible to earn $ 100, then choose the one you like best, try to implement it and see if it works, at which point you can decide whether to make it evolve into something bigger. In this way it is possible to create a large number of ideas but only if the exercise is performed regularly, for example while ironing, washing dishes etc. Ideas are born from life experiences and therefore are more easily generated while engaged in something, preferably in a repetitive activity.

Program your brain

To become first-class creators, you don’t have to let your brain laze.


  • Thinking about different problems for 15 minutes a day, the subconscious mind will do the rest, analyzing millions of combinations while doing other things, like: swimming, training etc.
  • Thinking about a problem to solve before going to sleep allows your subconscious mind to come up with a solution overnight.

The right technique to pose problems to solve your brain

Asking the right question to your brain is extremely important, as it will set the way of thinking and the type of ideas generated by the subconscious. Very often, if you cannot find the solution to a problem, it means that you are asking yourself the wrong question.


  • Ask yourself as many questions as possible, so as to increase the possibility of finding the right one that will generate the most suitable idea. Think about a problem for 10 minutes and write at least 10 different versions of the question you want to find an answer to, without judging them. The goal is to create as many questions as possible, even if crazy, the important thing is to find those that will allow us to look at the problem from different perspectives.
  • Change the level of demand abstraction, so as to stimulate the brain to find different ideas. An excellent technique to obtain this result is that of the “5 why”. For example, if the problem is: “How do I increase the sale of product B?”, The technique should be applied in this way:

Q. “Why do I want to increase sales?”, R. “Why do I want to make the product more profitable.