8 ways to build a winning startup and a better life

This article accompanies us in the business world and on their construction, whether it is a real startup or a new division of a company. It will help us understand the type of builder that is in us, our dominant talents and how to make the most of them to build our business successfully, showing us the four keys that will lead us to achieve “something” great, for us and for others.

The ecosystem needed to build a large company

People constantly ask you: “Where do you work?”, “What do you do?”, They never ask you: “What are you building?”.
Institutions, scientists, academics and politicians have never fully understood the rare gift of knowing how to build something.

Some refer to this gift as “entrepreneurship” or “innovation”, but “construction” is a distinct phenomenon. An innovation has no value until a builder creates a business model around it and transforms it into a product or service that customers will buy.

A builder creates economic energy where nothing previously existed. Manufacturers create goods and services that customers do not yet know they want, create demand, open new markets. The builders are the creators of disruptions (cracks, upheavals) in the market that offer a better way of life.

But the creation of a large booming company or a non-profit organization does not take place thanks to the work of a single ingenious builder: an ecosystem exists around effective builders.

There are three key players in the development of any organization, whether it is a new business, a new division within a company or a non-profit organization, the so-called “three alpha”: the alpha Rainmaker (rain wizard, person able to get customers and profit from business), the Alpha Driver and the Alpha Expert.

An alpha rainmaker has an unusual persistence and a rare grit. Obstacles and failures increase his determination. An alpha conductor has great handling skills. He knows how to make all the players on a team interact. An alpha expert provides the skills necessary to differentiate the main product or service.

This book will help you understand what kind of builder you are, what your natural builder talents are and how to use them to succeed.

The mentality of the successful builder

The highly successful builders proactively develop behaviors that allow them to anticipate problems, overcome adversity, recognize opportunities, organize resources and act to build something. They effortlessly cultivate deep relationships, focus on results, solve creative problems and are the best spokespersons for their business.

The keys to building are four:

  1. Create self-awareness . The first step is “know yourself”. Being aware of your abilities, motivations and feelings is fundamental to obtain the psychological clarity and trust in your abilities necessary to create new businesses.
  2. Recognize opportunities.  Opportunities are around you. Some are visible (a process that needs to be perfected) others are waiting for you to discover them (new technological developments). By digging deep within yourself and your immediate environment, you will learn to identify them.
  3. Activate ideas.  Ideas mean nothing without action. To take your first steps with confidence you will have to learn how to create minimally valid solutions for the problem you want to solve, to find your first strategic partner (i.e. your first customer) and to test your ideas.
  4. Build a team.  Successful builders rely on their social networks, co-create with their customers, build alliances with their suppliers and investors to reduce uncertainty and bring their ideas to the market.

The talents that characterize successful entrepreneurs

Building a small business, a social enterprise, a high-growth technology enterprise or a new division in a consolidated organization requires vision and action.

Thanks to our research – after analyzing the data of samples in the United States, Germany and Mexico and listening to hundreds of hours of interviews – we have distilled a list of ten talents that influence behavior and better explain the success of a manufacturer.

Each builder uses a mix of these ten talents:

Trust:  know yourself precisely and understand others.

Delegation: You  acknowledge that you cannot do everything and are willing to delegate.

Determination:  persevere through difficult and apparently insurmountable obstacles.

Disruption:  exhibit creativity in taking an existing idea or product and transforming it into something better.

Independence:  do whatever it takes to build a successful business.

Knowledge:  you are constantly looking for information that is relevant to the growth of your business.

Profitability:  Make profit-based decisions.

Relationship:  you have high social awareness and the ability to build advantageous relationships.

Risk:  you instinctively know how to manage high-risk situations.

Sale:  you are the best spokesperson for your business.

Focus on your top four talents, they are your dominant talents and will give you the best opportunities to succeed.

What kind of builder are you

Once you know your dominant talents, you can understand what kind of builder you are.

Rainmaker:  you are primarily focused on generating sales and revenues for your business.
You have a clear and aggressive growth strategy and measure success with the profitability of your business. Incredibly convincing, you know how to stimulate customers and employees with your vision of the future. You excel in sales and marketing and you love being the voice and face of your company.

You are completely self-sufficient but build targeted connections with those who can help you achieve your goals. You have a remarkable ability to create authentic relationships with customers and employees. You have an optimistic perception of risk. In other words, perceive potential threats positively and take an analytical approach to manage risks.

However, you don’t like the daily management of the business, so leave the management of the details to others.

Conductor:  you have a great managerial talent. As a conductor you bring order and harmony into the chaos of a young company. You rarely act alone, and take pride in finding the right people for key positions. Trusting that others take their own

responsibility, delegate work and authority. You are ready to recognize when someone else can do a job better and give them the freedom to make decisions on their own. You are demanding and have a tendency to challenge the status quo. Your persistence generates trust between colleagues, employees and customers.

You are keen to keep your promises, but your determination and your energetic drive are not inconsiderate or stubborn. You have the ability to constantly reevaluate what you need
to achieve your goals. Hard work turns you on. Believe in high growth businesses.

Expert: You mainly focus on product development and research. Being the best in your field is crucial for you. Whether you invent something new or improve a product or service through multiple iterations, you focus on finding solutions to the problems your customers face.

You constantly push yourself beyond current thinking, you never accept the status quo and you always imagine new possibilities. You are not simply a dreamer but a demanding and sophisticated thinker, and you know when and where to spend your time and energy.

You are persistent and determined, you learn quickly and are constantly looking for ways to differentiate your product or organization on the market. Running a business doesn’t really interest you, so you’re happy to delegate the business management tasks to others.

What helps us recognize opportunities

Opportunities are everywhere, the chances of an individual recognizing them increase with:

to. preliminary knowledge of the environment;

b. motivation to change the status quo;

c. the extension of its networks.

The steps to be taken to become attentive to opportunities are 3: starting from your talents, connecting points, maximizing your networks.

1) Start with your talents.  Pay attention to what you like or don’t like to do. Remember, you are more likely to be successful if you use your natural talents because the opportunities and solutions will have meaning for you.