8 ways to get to know yourself better and have a better life

The life of each of us is like a room with no space limitations, but with a single entrance door that does not allow exit.

After understanding this simple concept, it is easy to understand that the quality of one’s life depends on who goes through that door, on who we can find in our room.

This book is intended as a guide to managing your own room / life, to learn how to select who can access it, since whoever enters it will influence us forever.

The people in our room determine our happiness

Let’s start by imagining that our life is a room with a single entrance door, but from which there is no way out, happiness and success depend on who is present in the room.

With this new understanding, would different choices have been made? Will you choose differently who enters the room from now on? Those in the room, even if they are characters from a distant past, continue to influence our life in millions of ways, the past cannot be changed, however you have control over your future choices.

remember the moments of anger and who was in the room with us then. These can be called moments of dissonance.
Now instead we remember the moments of joy, who was in the room? These are termed moments of resonance.
Achieving a degree of awareness about your relationships with people and how they affect us emotionally is important for learning how to identify resonances and dissonances, to understand how to manage your room and what to invest in.

Check the front door to our room

The door leading to your room is not locked and can be opened by everyone, therefore it is necessary to learn to control it by setting up an imaginary doorkeeper, who will manage who has access to it.

To decide who to grant access to, you must first of all determine your own values, the current ones and those to which you aspire, later it will be necessary to understand who is already present in your room and how it affects our life. Introspection can help you make different and wiser choices in the future.

Get to know each other to better manage the entrance to the room

Knowing your values ​​is essential to manage the room, since these are the rules that must determine access to it. There are two types of values, the values ​​to which one aspires and the values ​​according to which one acts, that is, the current values, an important step is to recognize them.

we create a list of ten values ​​in which we recognize ourselves and then we delete three or four in order to leave only the most important ones. One method of eliminating unnecessary values ​​is to think about how one would act if the given value were really important, for example: if success were really important to me I would do more in my work.

After completing the list, you need to describe why value is important and how you put it into practice.
Another useful exercise could be to have a Personal Declaration Form in which to divide one’s values ​​into categories, for example: finance, family, career, etc …

It is vitally important not to be vague in describing your values, you need to have clear ideas. A solution to this problem is to imagine five people with whom you want to spend more time together and then select a dozen values ​​that describe each of them.

The common values ​​will be your own values, if these do not reflect who you aspire to become, then the friends in our room are not the right ones.

The next exercise is to determine your breaking points, that is, the behaviors and values ​​that you cannot tolerate in your life.
Knowing your values ​​and breaking points you can control access to your room and consequently you gain more control over your life.

Evaluate people inside the room

After determining your values ​​and access to the room, it’s time to evaluate who is already in it.

to facilitate the evaluation of the people in your room you can divide them into categories, for example: family, social media, work and so on. At this point, when you have a list, you have to start evaluating the resonance and dissonance of each subject.

Understand who the people in our room are

Now the time has come to put your concierge to work to select the subjects to whom to guarantee access to the room based on your values ​​and breaking points, and also how to manage who is already inside.